Students Meeting Project 2017-2018 Common History and Common Future in Europe

From 17-24th April we were in our 2nd project meeting in our Lithuanian partner school in Joniskis. We are trainees of the green jobs (famers, husbandry workers, gardeners and florists) from Germany (Berufliches Schulzentrum Wurzen), Lithuania (Joniskio zemes ukio mokykla) und Norway (Mo og Øyrane vidaregåande skule). The headmaster Luidas Jonaitis received us and the dancing group of the school, to whom some of our participants belong, gave a great performance.

During our project meeting in October 2017 in Wurzen we worked about the national socialist forced labour. Now we researched how the Jewish lived and the Holocaust in Joniskis and its area. Therefore we visited the both Synagogues, the former places where the Jewish people lived in Joniskis, Zagare and Siauliai and the places where the Jewish citizens were killed. In Joniksi before the German occupation, lived more than 4700 people, 2700 of this were Jews. Additional we got to know the opportunities of training in Joniskis and some agricultural companies.

We decided during our phases of planning and working together about the design of our project calendar and worked on it together. 

In our common free time we played basketball, took part in dance lessons at school, explored the area of region and were in the youth club in Joniskis.

When we meet in May in Norway we will get to know the robbery and destiny of children, which Norwegian women had with German soldiers. We are looking forward to meeting each other again in Norway. 

Joniskis, 24. April 2018


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